Tenant Handbook

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Deliveries, Freight Elevator and Loading Dock

All large deliveries of furniture, equipment, or material should be scheduled with the Building Management Office.

Deliveries to and from the Premises shall be made only at the times, in the areas, and through the entrances and exits reasonably designated by Landlord. Tenant shall not make deliveries to or from the Premises in a manner that might interfere with the use by any other tenant of its premises or of the Common Areas, any pedestrian use, or any use, which is inconsistent with good business practice.

All requests for elevator reservations must be entered into Tenant Portal in advance.
Additionally, the following rules apply to all requests for moves or deliveries:



Monday - Friday 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.
Weekends any time



Moves are conducted in the freight elevator. Please reserve the elevator as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Elevators must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.



Moves through the main lobby require that masonite be laid on the floors from the street (curb) to the elevators.
All movers must lay masonite on the tenant’s floor from the freight elevator to the tenant’s suite entrance.
Doors, elevator openings and other exposed areas must be protected.



A Certificate of Insurance is required from the movers before the move takes place. Please contact the
Building Office at 415 495 1608 for the specific requirements.



Neither the Building Office nor Security Personnel are authorized to accept (sign for or hold on to) delivery of items for a tenant. Vendors will not be allowed access to your space unless prior written permission is received from the tenant, and a key to your space is left with that letter. For everyone’s safety and security, items may not be left with Security for pick up by a vendor or other person.

To schedule after hours use, your Authorized Signer must enter a move request in Tenant Portal.


Clean Up

Debris and other materials used during moves should be removed promptly following a move-in or move-out. Moving debris should not be placed in regular building trash, freight elevator lobby, loading dock or compactor. Please contact the Building Office as to how to properly remove debris from the building. Any costs incurred by the Building Management to remove inappropriate disposal of trash will be charged to the tenant.