Tenant Handbook

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Emergency Contacts

Each tenant at move-in is asked to complete a Tenant Contact Information Form located in the Tenant Portal. This form is a list of contact names and home phone numbers to be used for day to day operations, for emergencies, for fire /safety wardens, rent and lease inquires, and to list the disabled employees. These names and phone numbers are kept in a confidential file. This information should be updated any time changes occur in personnel or the disabled employee list. The safety and security of the tenants and their employees in 188 Spear Street are our highest management priorities. With this interest for your safety in mind, we have provided this emergency procedures information.


Listed below are a number of important telephone numbers. In an emergency, call 911. After calling the appropriate emergency agency, please contact the Building Management Office.

All Emergencies 911
Police Department 911 or 415 553 0123
Fire Department 911 or 415 861 8020
Ambulance 911 or 415 431 2800
Building Management Office 415 495 1608
San Francisco General Hospital 415 821 8111
St. Francis Hospital 415 775 4321


Important notes

If you call 911 because of a medical emergency, please be sure to also notify the Management Office with your name, call back number, and location so that security may swiftly guide the paramedics to your exact location.


If the audible alarm within the building sounds, please DO NOT CALL the Management Office, unless you have something specific to report. The Management Office is aware of the noise, as well as the source of the alarm, whether it’s false or a legitimate emergency. Please keep the telephone lines clear so

Management may attend to the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Emergency Transportation Information

Current information on conditions in San Francisco
CITYWATCH, Cable TV - 54
KGO News Radio, 810 AM
KCBS, News Radio, 740 AM


Advisory Commute Information San Francisco Street Closures

Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT)
Engineering Division
415 554 2300


Highway Conditions

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
800 427 7623